NIGHTLESS is a road movie composed entirely of images from Google Street View. The story transcends national borders as it takes spectators on a journey from Nebraska to Chiba, Alaska, Portugal and Marseille. The sun never sets on the views in this movie. The first half features dubbing by the artist himself, while the second half uses audio from YouTube. Does this movie created without actual filming deserve to be called a "movie"?

The main theme of this work is the practice of inserting subjectivity (aura) into non-subjective (anonymous) images. One of the essential works I have done was taking unconsciousness of people. Then it shifted to the direction that taking a photography without shooting as well as a photograph that is taken by nobody. So I did film nothing. However, these images start to construct a narrative story as I write a script. What is the difference between traditional movie storytelling and a story created from new media? This film studies a relationship between an image and its narrative-ness.

2010 / Japan / Color / Director Yuichiro Tamura / Images GoogleStreetView /

14th Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division, Excellence Prize